need a #hot 30 min dose of #xtacy? here u go bae

minimixxx of hot choons recorded from #RAVE at Glasslands 8/29

puffy: let’s get up
robert miles: children
doss: softpretty
BT: flaming june




Hayden’s brilliant new project- Oswra

(Better known as Zolloc)

Designer / Animator 

: Contact -

: Austin, TX

: Programs used for .Gifs: - Cinema 4D / Photoshop / Poser

: Available for freelance

Hayden Zezula

Prepare for whoah.


inspired by max barry’s LEXICON

DL + more info: trill witch trap emo


Twin Peaks Behind the Scenes

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raptorfences replied to your post: Listen/purchase: Shatter Star/coulda b…

I dug this, but I love the cover art more than the song (wasn’t in the, “oh shit I’m drunk and sleepy let’s put on Pretty Lights mood).

thank you! the compliment is kind. i hope you do get drunk and sleepy and get to the place where the song services your needs and feelings. 



This was requested, but here are 10 terrifying gifs

Jesus it’s too early for this shit

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